Modern Solutions for Modern Issues

Super Herd, a trademark of JAX Systems, LLC, is owned and operated by the Courchaine family.  An entrepreneurial spirit drives the family, who has been successful in businesses ranging from transportation and manufacturing, to selling and installing replacement windows for homes.  Recently, the family has taken that spirit and combined it with our parents’ love of raising livestock on their small farm.  Our patriarch, John Courchaine, set out to find a better way to deliver vitamins and trace minerals to his animals in the interest of producing healthier livestock.  That’s when he and his long time engineer / mechanic began the process of designing a system to automatically deliver supplements into his livestock’s drinking water.

Soon after, John’s sons got involved in the project and the team began to use their existing expertise to really bring this concept to life. After countless hours of research, and almost 2 years of testing, the Super Herd system was born.  Trials were conducted on their own water-dispersible VTM formula with the addition of an all-natural flavor, and the team was astonished by the results. The family is happy to share their system and love of animals with livestock producers across the country.  These producers will enjoy raising animals that are healthier and gain weight quicker than they have ever seen before.