Modern Solutions for Today’s Farmer

Farmers have long played a critical role in feeding the world’s population and throughout time have embraced advancements in science and technology. Today’s livestock producers are faced with keeping their animals healthy while meeting an increased demand – without the use of antibiotics in animal feed. Luckily, Super Herd has developed a common sense approach for delivering organic vitamins and trace minerals to livestock via their drinking water.

Here’s how it works: as water flows through the system, it passes through a pre-filter, and rushes to a metering pump. The pump automatically injects the exact amount of liquid supplement your animals require, and is easily adjustable as those needs change. The failsafe system can even monitor your herd’s water consumption and send a text message notifying you when the product is low. Super Herd is the first company ever to market a water-dispersible flavor extract, specifically designed to increase rate of gain.

Testing was conducted and the results were astonishing. Calves drinking water on the Super Herd System saw over a 30% increase in rate of gain over those on water alone. The testing continued and the very same animals that showed a lower rate of gain without the Super Herd supplement saw significant gains when offered water with the supplement.