How often do you have to fill the batch tank?

Supplement consumption will vary based on the level of supplement provided, as well as the size and age of your herd. Below are examples of how long a 50-gallon batch would last:

  • 500 weaned calves: 11-20 days per batch
  • 500 steers weighing 600-800 lbs: 5-10 days per batch

What is in the Super Herd formula?

Super Herd uses a proprietary formula consisting of water soluble organic vitamins and proteinated trace minerals meant to be delivered consistently and automatically. It’s the first – and only – of its kind.

For more information on our proprietary formula, or to have a custom formula made for your operation, please visit the “Contact Us” page.

When will the new antibiotic guidelines take effect?

The new FDA guidelines will be in full effect on January 1, 2017. Livestock producers will no longer be able to use antibiotics without veterinary oversight, but will have an antibiotic-free option to promote healthy animals and an increased rate of gain with the Super Herd System.

Will this replace my current VTM program?

The Super Herd System can be added as a supplement to your existing VTM program OR we can replace the vitamins and trace minerals in your TMR (Total Mix Ration) to reduce cost and help increase your bottom line.

Why Super Herd?

  • Proactive approach to keeping livestock healthy by consistently providing filtered drinking water enriched with high quality vitamins and trace minerals
  • Common sense delivery provides peace of mind – and avoids issues such as selective eating, ineffective mixing, and animals not receiving VTM (Vitamins and Trace Minerals) when they are “off feed”
  • Promotes increased rate of gain, feed consumption and water consumption
  • Less waste than VTM in feed – no more scraping uneaten VTM / throwing your unused supplement and profit in the trash
  • Super concentrated formula – ship more VTM and less filler
  • Automated system reduces human error and accurately delivers VTM in the trace amounts your animals need – this is not the “needle in a haystack approach” of putting ounces of supplement in TONS of feed
  • Ability to monitor your herd’s water consumption
  • Organic vitamins and proteinated minerals are more bioavailable than alternatives – providing VTM that your animals can actually absorb and benefit from