Why Super Herd?

  • Proactive approach to keeping livestock healthy by consistently providing filtered drinking water enriched with high quality vitamins and trace minerals
  • Common sense delivery provides peace of mind – and avoids issues such as selective eating, ineffective mixing, and animals not receiving VTM (Vitamins and Trace Minerals) when they are “off feed”
  • Promotes increased rate of gain, feed consumption and water consumption
  • Less waste than VTM in feed – no more scraping uneaten VTM / throwing your unused supplement and profit in the trash
  • Super concentrated formula – ship more VTM and less filler
  • Automated system reduces human error and accurately delivers VTM in the trace amounts your animals need – this is not the “needle in a haystack approach” of putting ounces of supplement in TONS of feed
  • Ability to monitor your herd’s water consumption
  • Organic vitamins and proteinated minerals are more bioavailable than alternatives – providing VTM that your animals can actually absorb and benefit from